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Unparalleled Protection for Your Audio System
Enhance the safety and reliability of your audio setup with the ORION CB200A Circuit Breaker. Designed to handle currents of up to 200 amperes, this circuit breaker delivers robust protection against excessive current flow that could potentially damage your valuable audio components. With its sturdy construction and user-friendly design, the CB200A offers peace of mind while extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Advanced Current Protection
The ORION CB200A Circuit Breaker is engineered to swiftly interrupt the flow of current when it surpasses the predefined 200 ampere limit. This immediate action shields your audio components from potential damage caused by overcurrent situations.
Reliable Performance
Crafted using high-quality components, this circuit breaker ensures consistent and dependable performance over time, making it a reliable solution for safeguarding your audio system.
Convenient Reset Mechanism
Equipped with a reset button, the CB200A allows you to quickly restore power to your system after a circuit interruption. This feature minimizes downtime and ensures uninterrupted enjoyment of your music.
Safety as a Priority
By preventing the transmission of unsafe current levels through your audio setup, the CB200A prioritizes the safety of both your equipment and anyone interacting with it.
Robust Construction
Manufactured from durable materials, the CB200A is built to withstand the challenges of automotive and audio environments, providing enduring protection for your setup.
Versatile Application
Designed to provide comprehensive protection for various audio installations, whether in vehicles or home systems, the CB200A offers versatile coverage for a range of applications.
Secure Your Sound Experience
Empower your audio system with unparalleled safety and reliability using the ORION CB200A Circuit Breaker 200 Amperes. With its ability to prevent excessive current flow and potential damage, this circuit breaker stands as a vital component in safeguarding your precious audio equipment. Whether you're pushing the boundaries of your audio system or striving for peak performance, the CB200A ensures that your setup remains secure and operational, allowing you to revel in your music with complete peace of mind.