Q: Why is Orion making a comeback?

A: Orion has returned in 2024 with a clear mission: to revive American-made Car Audio and reintroduce the Original Orion experience. Our resurgence embodies the fusion of tradition and innovation, where excellence is not just a goal, but a way of life. 

Q: Who owns Orion?

A: Orion is owned by a dedicated group of private American-based investors who are passionate about fostering the growth of American-made car audio. Bill Turner, the Vice President of Dealer Success, has been chosen by Orion's board of directors to lead these efforts and report directly to the investors.

 Q: Who is the head of Orion?

A: The industry legend Bill Turner, who shares a profound devotion for Orion, has spearheaded the revival of the brand. With decades of experience selling Orion's products to installers, retailers, and mobile enthusiasts, Bill is reuniting the talented individuals who played a crucial role in Orion's success. This includes Mark Busier as the VP of Engineering for U.S. production and Jack Cali as the VP of Chaos.

 Q: Where is Orion based?

A: To ensure timely shipments to our U.S.-based retailers, we have established two facilities: one in California and one in Florida. In addition, Orion Industries, located in Phoenix, Arizona, focuses on manufacturing our U.S.-based products.

 Q: What are Bill Turner’s critical responsibilities for Orion?

A: Bill Turner's primary responsibilities at Orion are twofold: to revitalize American-made car audio and to foster Orion family support for independent specialty retailers.

 Q: What is Orion’s go-to-market strategy?

Many things have changed since Orion was established 1984, the biggest being the internet, which must be addressed. Our simple online policy allows all our retailers to play equally. There are no Amazon sales. Orion Car Audio maintains its own Amazon store, allowing us to set fair pricing for retailers and consumers to shop and research. Authorized resellers can then sell and promote Orion on any other online platform or medium if they abide by our unilateral pricing policy.

 We aim to return profits, passion, and a full line of products to independent specialty retailers. We will only offer our U.S.-made car audio products to our authorized Orion independent specialty retailers. All U.S. products must be purchased and delivered to consumers via our authorized Orion retailer network.

 Q: What is Orion's plan for independent specialty retailers?

A: Orion's vision is to resurrect the spirit of the old Orion. We want to go beyond offering U.S.-made products and develop a symbiotic relationship with our dealers—treating them as part of our family once again. Those familiar with the early days of Orion understand the commitment to building strong dealer relationships, and we are determined to support their growth. We invite retailers to test our commitment by engaging in our free 60-day trial. Contact family@orioncaraudio.com today and take us for a test ride.

 Q: How many Orion products are going to be made in the U.S.?

A: We are “Proud to be Loud” and have great respect for our Orion car audio competitors. That's why we prioritized bringing back the highly-requested Orion NT series amplifiers, which are exclusively produced in Phoenix, Arizona, by Orion Industries—just like they were originally in the 1990s. Designed by Mark Busier during that era, Mark, now our VP of Engineering for U.S. production, has reinvigorated the Orion NT series in 2024. Mark's next venture is kickstarting U.S. production for our HCCA series, followed by an expansion across the majority of Orion series over time, catering to both entry-level and competition-level needs.

 Q: If not in the U.S., where are all the other Orion products being made?

A: We understand that geography may not have been everyone's strong suit in high school, especially if your head was under a dashboard instead. However, when the pandemic struck and trade restrictions and product shortages became concerns, we woke up and adapted. Orion products are manufactured in either the U.S. or South Korea, both being free capitalist societies. This carefully selected manufacturing location allows us to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted supply of Orion products to our valued retailers while maintaining the highest quality standards.

 Q: Are you hiring?

A: We are currently assembling the Original Orion family once again, and if you share our passion for Orion, we would love to speak with you. Please reach out to us at family@OrionCarAudio.com.

 Q: Are you using distributors and regional sales representatives?

A: Yes, we are providing independent retailers the opportunity to purchase through their existing channels or directly from Orion Car Audio. For a list of distributors and regional sales representatives in your area or if you are interested in joining us, please contact us at family@OrionCarAudio.com.

 From customers to competitors, and every retailer in between, if you have a question hit us up at family@OrionCarAudio.com