Pro audio mid-bass speakers are primarily used in sound reinforcement applications where high-quality, clear, and powerful mid-range and bass frequencies are required. These speakers are tasked with reproducing mid-range frequencies with accuracy and clarity, as well as delivering punchy and well-defined bass notes. They contribute to creating a rich and immersive sound experience for audiences. Additionally, pro audio mid-bass speakers are commonly employed in automotive audio systems to enhance the overall sound quality and provide a more satisfying listening experience while driving. Their versatility and performance make them a key component in both professional and personal audio setups.


Midrange speakers are an essential component of any high-quality sound system, designed to reproduce the middle frequencies of the audio spectrum, typically ranging from 200 Hz to 2 kHz. They play a vital role in delivering a full and rich sound experience by bridging the gap between the deep, resonant low frequencies from subwoofers and the crisp, high frequencies from tweeters. By accurately capturing and delivering these midrange frequencies, midrange speakers ensure a more complete and balanced auditory experience, enhancing the overall performance of the sound system and faithfully reproducing every nuance of the audio.


Orion Pro Audio tweeters are renowned for their exceptional performance and durable construction, setting a high benchmark in professional audio. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using premium materials, these tweeters excel in reproducing high frequencies with outstanding clarity and precision. Engineered to handle high power levels while maintaining fidelity, they provide reliability and durability even under demanding conditions. Known for delivering crisp and detailed sound reproduction, Orion Pro Audio tweeters are the preferred choice among audio enthusiasts and professionals who seek top-tier performance and longevity in their sound systems.


Orion Pro Audio horn drivers are the preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts, known for their exceptional performance and reliability. Engineered with precision and high-quality materials, these horn drivers excel in reproducing clear and powerful sound across a wide frequency range. Renowned for their ability to project sound accurately and efficiently, they deliver dynamic and immersive audio experiences in various applications, from live performances to high-end sound systems. With a reputation for superior performance and durability, Orion Pro Audio horn drivers are the top choice for those seeking unparalleled sound quality and reliability in their audio setups.