HCCA subwoofers are available in three tiers, each designed for different SPL (Sound Pressure Level) goals. The SPLX series leads the lineup with unparalleled bass and record-setting capabilities. The SPL series achieves a balance between power and performance, making a significant impact in SPL events. Serving as the gateway into SPL performance, the HCCA series, across all tiers, establishes HCCA subwoofers as a dominant force in SPL competitions and beyond.


XTR PRO subwoofers feature advanced suspension components, including a durable spider and a high-roll surround. These components work together to provide exceptional control and prevent unwanted cone movement, even at extreme power levels. This results in clean, distortion-free bass that remains accurate and controlled throughout the entire frequency range.


XTR Subwoofers are crafted to deliver exceptional bass reproduction and powerful low-end frequencies, establishing them as a preferred choice among audio enthusiasts. Engineered to handle high power levels, these subwoofers ensure distortion-free sound, even at extreme volumes.


One of the defining features of Cobalt subwoofers is their high-performance motor structure. This robust design, combined with a lightweight yet durable cone material, ensures exceptional bass reproduction and efficient power handling. The motor structure effectively converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, resulting in powerful and controlled bass output.