2000 Watt Class-D MonoBlock Amplifier
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  • Type COBALT Amplifier
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ORION CBA2000.1D COBALT Series 2000 Watts MAX 1-Channel Class D Amplifier

Unleash Auditory Excellence
The ORION CBA2000.1D COBALT Series 2000 Watts MAX 1-Channel Class D Amplifier raises the bar for audio performance. With advanced features and precision engineering, this amplifier delivers impressive power, accuracy, and control to your car audio system.

Immersive Sound Reproduction
Rediscover your music with the ORION CBA2000.1D COBALT Series Amplifier. From the softest whispers to the deepest beats, every element is meticulously reproduced for an engaging listening experience.

Power and Precision
Step into a world of commanding sound. The ORION CBA2000.1D COBALT Series Amplifier seamlessly blends immense power with impeccable audio quality, offering a dynamic auditory journey.

Enhance Your Drive
Experience audio mastery with the ORION CBA2000.1D COBALT Series 2000 Watts MAX 1-Channel Class D Amplifier. Elevate your sound, redefine your driving soundtrack, and immerse yourself in a new level of sonic satisfaction. It's time to embrace the symphony of sound.


Class D Amplification - Harness the efficiency and precision of Class D amplification for powerful and accurate sound reproduction.
2000 Watts Max Power - Immerse yourself in a realm of sound with a maximum power output of 2000 Watts, providing an exhilarating auditory experience.
Precision Audio Control - The adjustable built-in crossover enables fine-tuning of audio frequencies, optimizing speaker performance.
Customized Bass Enhancement - Elevate your low frequencies with the adjustable bass boost feature, delivering impactful and resonant bass notes.
Advanced Protection Measures - Equipped with protection circuitry, the amplifier guards against overheating and short circuits, ensuring longevity.
Compact Design - The amplifier's compact and efficient design ensures versatile installation options without compromising performance.
Engineered Excellence - Meticulously engineered for optimal audio precision, power efficiency, and steadfast operation.

All MOSFET Power Supply & Output Stage
Heavy Gauge / High Current Custom Power and Speaker Terminals
1-Ohm Stable
Remote Gain Controller Included
RCA Out Throughput
12dB Octave Low-Pass Filter
Electronic Crossover Network
Bass Boost Circuit
Intelligent Power and Protection LED Indicator
Soft Turn-on/Turn-off Turn-On Delay
Fault and Protection Monitoring
4-Way Protection: Thermal, DC offset, Short Protection, under & over voltage


  Positive Terminals: 1 x 4 AWG.
  Negative Terminals: 1 x 4 AWG.
  Remote Turn-ON Signal: 10 AWG.
  Speaker Output Terminals: 10 AWG.

- Frequency Response: 10Hz - 250Hz
- Subsonic (15 - 50Hz)
- Low Pass Crossover Continuously variable (40-250Hz)
- Supply Voltage: 10 - 16V
- Input Impedance: 22kOhm - Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB
- Phase Shift: 0/180 Degrees
- Bass Boost: 0 - 12dB Variable
- Variable Input Level Control: 0.2V - 6.0V
- Fuses: 60A recommended (2 x 30A ATC)
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.92" x 7.09" x 2.13" (252x180x54mm)