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Unleash Power and Clarity
Elevate your car audio experience with the ORION XPW4100R XTRPRO 4-Gauge 100% OFC 100FT Wire Roll in a bold red hue. Crafted to deliver exceptional power transmission and signal integrity, this wire roll is designed to enhance the performance of your amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. With its high-quality construction and superior conductivity, the XTRPRO wire roll ensures that your audio system achieves remarkable clarity and impactful sound.

100% Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC)
Engineered with premium OFC material, this wire roll offers superior conductivity, reducing resistance and maximizing the efficiency of power transfer to optimize your audio performance.
Generous Length
With a length of 100 feet, the XPW4100R provides ample wire for various installation configurations, allowing you to tailor your audio system setup to your preferences.
Enhanced Power Handling
Sized at 4-gauge, this wire roll is built to handle substantial power loads, ensuring that your audio components receive the necessary power for exceptional sound reproduction.
Bold Red Color
The vibrant red color not only adds a touch of style to your installation but also signifies the superior performance and quality that the XTRPRO series offers. Versatile Applications
Ideal for amplifiers, subwoofers, and other power-hungry audio devices, this wire roll offers versatility to enhance the audio quality of your vehicle's sound system.
Unleash Audio Excellence
Unleash the true potential of your car audio system with the ORION XPW4100R XTRPRO 4-Gauge 100% OFC 100FT Wire Roll in a striking red shade. Elevate your audio performance, minimize signal loss, and provide your amplifiers and speakers with the power they need for exceptional sound clarity. Engineered with uncompromising conductivity and abundant length, this wire roll empowers you to create a dynamic and immersive audio setup that brings your music to life in a way you've never experienced before.