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Efficient Power Transmission in Blue
Upgrade your power distribution setup with the ORION PW4100BL COBALT 4-Gauge CCA Wire Roll in a vibrant blue color. Engineered to provide reliable power transmission, this wire roll ensures efficient energy distribution to your audio components. With its durable construction and generous length, this wire roll is a practical solution for maintaining optimal performance in your audio system.

Efficient Power Delivery
The 4-Gauge CCA wire in this roll is designed to minimize power loss and maximize energy transfer, ensuring that your audio components receive the necessary power for peak performance.
Durable Construction
Crafted with high-quality Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors, this wire roll offers a balance of durability and conductivity, making it suitable for demanding audio setups.
Ample Length
With a substantial 100-foot length, the wire roll provides ample flexibility for routing and installation, allowing you to customize your power distribution setup to your specific requirements.
Striking Blue Color
The eye-catching blue color not only adds a stylish touch to your installation but also enhances visibility and organization during the wiring process.
Versatile Application
Whether you're connecting amplifiers, speakers, or other audio components, this wire roll's versatility ensures it can handle various power distribution needs.
Dependable Performance
The ORION PW4100BL COBALT 4-Gauge CCA Wire Roll guarantees consistent power transmission, contributing to a stable and dependable audio performance that complements your audio system.
Enhance Your Power Distribution
Elevate your power distribution system with the ORION PW4100BL COBALT 4-Gauge CCA Wire Roll in striking blue. This wire roll ensures efficient and reliable power transmission, enhancing the performance of your audio components. With its durability, generous length, and attention-grabbing color, it's an excellent choice for creating a customized power distribution setup that aligns with your audio system's demands.