MA60 (Pack of 5)
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Reliable Circuit Protection
Upgrade your car's audio system with the ORION MA60 Mini ANL 60 Amp Fuse Pack, a set of high-quality fuses designed to ensure the safety and performance of your audio setup. These fuses provide essential circuit protection, guarding against power surges and overloads that could potentially damage your equipment. With a 60 Amp rating, these fuses are suitable for audio systems with higher power demands.

Efficient Circuit Protection
The MA60 Mini ANL fuses offer effective protection for your car's electrical system and audio components, preventing potential damage caused by power fluctuations and overloads.
60 Amp Rating
With a robust 60 Amp rating, these fuses are well-suited for audio setups that require higher power handling capabilities, ensuring reliable and safe operation.
Pack of 5
This pack includes five fuses, providing you with multiple replacements or spares for your audio system's future needs.
Dependable Performance
Crafted from high-quality materials, these fuses are designed for longevity and dependable performance, contributing to the longevity of your audio system.
Easy Installation
The compact size and user-friendly installation process make replacing these mini ANL fuses a straightforward task, allowing you to quickly restore your audio system's functionality.
Safeguard Your Audio System
Protect your valuable audio equipment with the ORION MA60 Mini ANL 60 Amp Fuse Pack. These fuses act as essential safeguards against power-related issues, ensuring that your audio setup operates at its best while maintaining optimal sound quality. With five fuses included, you'll have the necessary replacements on hand for any unforeseen situations, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your audio system's reliability.