MA150 (Pack of 5)
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Uninterrupted Power Safeguard
Elevate your audio system's performance and security with the ORION MA150 Mini ANL 150 Amp Fuse Pack. These fuses play a crucial role in shielding your audio equipment from power surges and fluctuations, providing essential protection for optimal functionality. With a robust 150 Amp rating, this pack of five fuses is tailored to meet the needs of high-power audio setups, ensuring reliable power delivery and consistent performance.

Critical Circuit Protection
The MA150 Mini ANL fuses act as the frontline defense for your audio system, effectively shielding your valuable gear against potential harm caused by voltage spikes and overloads.
High-Power Capacity
Engineered to handle the demands of systems with higher power requirements, these fuses boast a substantial 150 Amp rating, making them the ideal choice for advanced audio setups.
Convenient Pack of Five
Equipped with five fuses in a single pack, you're prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. This guarantees your audio system maintains its protective barrier, enabling consistent and reliable operation.
Rugged Construction
Built from premium-grade materials, these fuses are designed to endure the challenges of audio environments, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting durability.
Effortless Replacement
Thanks to their compact size and straightforward installation process, swapping out fuses becomes a hassle-free task. Keep your audio setup performing at its peak by rapidly restoring its protective shield.
Empower Your Sound System
The ORION MA150 Mini ANL 150 Amp Fuse Pack empowers your audio system by safeguarding it against power anomalies. By mitigating the risks posed by electrical irregularities, these fuses allow your equipment to deliver its utmost performance while safeguarding your investment. With five fuses readily available, you're equipped to manage unexpected situations, offering you assurance in the resilience of your audio system's power supply.