HCCA154 (RK)
Subwoofer 15" DVC 4-Ohm Recone Kit
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  • Type Recone Kits
  • UPC 818550011304

The Recone Kit for the HCCA154 is specifically engineered to restore your subwoofer to its original powerhouse performance. This complete kit is tailor-made for the HCCA154 model, ensuring seamless compatibility and revitalized sound quality. It includes a precision-formed cone, robust voice coil, durable spider, and flexible surround—all designed to handle the extreme demands of high-output audio systems.

Crafted from top-grade materials, each component of this kit withstands high power and prolonged usage, maintaining excellent sound integrity under intense conditions. Ideal for repairing wear or damage, or simply upgrading your system for renewed bass response and dynamic range, this kit is a crucial tool for maintaining the exceptional performance of your HCCA154 subwoofer.

Installation is made straightforward with a comprehensive instruction manual that provides step-by-step guidance, making it accessible for audiophiles with even minimal technical expertise. Equip your HCCA154 with this recone kit to bring back that deep, pulsating bass and crystal-clear sound quality it's known for.