Subwoofer 15" DVC 2-Ohm Recone Kit
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  • Type Recone Kits
  • UPC 818550014107

The HCCA152SPL Recone Kit is expertly designed to revitalize your subwoofer, bringing it back to its powerful best. Tailored specifically for the HCCA152SPL model, this kit ensures perfect compatibility and maximizes the performance and durability of your audio setup. It includes high-quality voice coils, a sturdy cone, resilient spider, and superior surround materials, all crafted to handle the extreme demands of SPL (Sound Pressure Level) environments.

Ideal for addressing wear and tear, power overload, or mechanical faults, this recone kit is essential for anyone wanting to restore their subwoofer to factory-fresh condition. The components are made from top-tier materials that not only prolong the lifespan of your subwoofer but also enable it to produce deep, impactful bass and crisp, clear sound.

The kit comes with comprehensive installation instructions, making it easy to install even for those with limited technical experience. Opt for the HCCA152SPL Recone Kit to ensure your subwoofer continues to deliver thrilling audio performance, proving both a cost-effective and high-quality solution for maintaining your system’s excellence.