HCCA152 (RK)
Subwoofer 15" DVC 2-Ohm Recone Kit
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  • Type Recone Kits
  • UPC 818550011359

The Recone Kit for the HCCA152 is designed to bring your subwoofer back to its original performance standards. This kit includes everything you need for a full rebuild: high-quality voice coils, spider, cone, and surround. Specifically tailored for the HCCA152 model, it ensures a perfect fit and optimal functionality.

Engineered to handle the rigorous demands of high-power systems, the components are made from durable materials that can withstand intense sound pressure levels without compromising sound quality. Whether you're aiming to repair damage or simply refresh your system, this recone kit restores deep, powerful bass and impeccable clarity to your audio experience.

Easy to install, the kit comes with a detailed instruction manual that guides you through the entire process, making it suitable even for those with basic technical skills. Revitalize your HCCA152 subwoofer with this comprehensive recone kit and experience your music with the intensity and richness it deserves.