HCCA124 (RK)
Subwoofer 12" DVC 4-Ohm Recone Kit
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  • Type Recone Kits
  • UPC 818550011342

Revitalize your sound system with the Recone Kit for HCCA124. Designed specifically for the 12" HCCA124 subwoofer, this kit provides everything you need to bring your sub back to its peak performance and sonic clarity. Whether you're repairing wear and tear or simply looking to upgrade your audio experience, this recone kit ensures that your subwoofer sounds as good as new.

The kit includes a high-quality cone, precision-engineered voice coil, spider, and surround—all tailored to fit the HCCA124 model seamlessly. These components are made from durable, top-tier materials that not only restore the original sound quality but also enhance the longevity of your subwoofer. Easy to install and backed by Orion's commitment to audio excellence, this recone kit is the ideal choice for maintaining the powerful, deep bass and dynamic range that Orion subwoofers are known for.

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional installers alike, the Recone Kit for HCCA124 offers a practical and cost-effective solution to keep your car audio system performing at its best. Experience the satisfaction of restoring your subwoofer with components that match the exact specifications and high standards of Orion audio products.