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Efficient Power Management
The ORION BT0044 Positive and Negative Distribution Block is designed to efficiently manage your power distribution needs for both positive and negative connections. With the capacity to accommodate two 0 gauge and two 4 gauge wiring setups, this distribution block ensures optimal power transfer, minimized power loss, and enhanced performance for your audio system.

Dual Gauge Compatibility
The BT0044 Distribution Block is engineered to accommodate two different gauge sizes - two 0 gauge and two 4 gauge wires, offering flexibility for various power requirements in your setup.
Efficient Power Management
By centralizing your positive and negative connections, this distribution block ensures efficient power management and distribution, contributing to a more consistent and reliable audio performance.
Secure Connection
The distribution block's design allows for secure and reliable connections, reducing the risk of power loss, signal disruptions, and other issues associated with loose connections.
Durable Build
Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring a nickel finish, the BT0044 Distribution Block is built to withstand the demands of the audio environment, providing long-lasting durability.
Easy Installation
The distribution block is designed for easy installation, making it convenient to set up and integrate into your audio system without unnecessary complications.
Enhance Your Power Distribution:
The ORION BT0044 Positive and Negative Distribution Block is an essential component for optimizing power distribution in your audio setup. Whether you're working on a car audio system, home audio installation, or any other audio project, this distribution block ensures that your power connections are efficiently managed, leading to improved overall performance. Experience enhanced audio quality and reliable power management with the ORION BT0044 Distribution Block.