Orion Announces Return Of Original Engineer

Orion Announces Return Of Original Engineer

**Press Release**


PHOENIX, AZ—Orion Car Audio proudly announces the appointment of Mark Busier as the Vice President of Engineering, U.S. production. Mark, a key member of the original Orion team, led all engineering for Orion during the late 1980s. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise back to the team with the sole focus of launching and growing Orion’s U.S.-made products.

At Orion, we are “Proud to be Loud” and have great respect for our Orion car audio competitors. That’s why we prioritized bringing back the highly requested Orion NT series amplifiers. Exclusively manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, by Orion Industries, these amplifiers pay homage to the original production in the 1990s. Mark Busier, the visionary behind the original and newly updated series, is now serving as the VP of Engineering for U.S. production.

“Bringing back the Orion NT series amplifiers, made exclusively in the USA, is a testament to our commitment to American craftsmanship and quality. Our goal is to ensure that Orion car audio delivers the best in class audio experience to our customers,” says Mark Busier.

The successful revival of the Orion NT series is just the beginning of the brand’s American-made product lineup. Mark Busier’s next venture focuses on kickstarting U.S. production for the HCCA series, followed by an expansion across the majority of Orion series over time. This expansion encompasses both entry-level and competition-level products, catering to a wide range of audio enthusiasts.

“I am thrilled to lead U.S. production for Orion Car Audio and contribute to the resurgence of American-made car audio,” says Mark Busier. “Our dedication to manufacturing excellence and innovation will set a new standard in the industry. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering products that represent the true spirit of Orion.”

Customers and retailers alike can anticipate the first release of Orion’s American-made products before the end of 2024, with Orion NT series amplifiers leading the charge.


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